Private Dance Lessons

Zapata Entertainment Dance Lessons

Perhaps our scheduled lessons and classes don’t work for you. Or would you like more one-on-one attention? Maybe you want to concentrate on one specific genre of dance, or prepare for a special event? For the fastest and most convenient way to learn to dance you should choose private lessons. Our private lessons are set up so that students have the flexibility to create a schedule that best fits them. Along with the instructor our students are able to discuss exactly what they want to concentrate on and together they create a plan that works to the student’s exact needs! As a student you will receive personalized instruction that will help you excel in your dance abilities. Your instructor will help you perfect your style and technique so that you feel confident when you’re ready to go out in front of the crowd and show off your new moves.

Take private lessons alone or with a partner, you may also take private lessons in combination with group classes.