Salsa Dance Series

Our Dance Series Begins on March 25, 2012

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How Our Dance System Works

Aristofanes Zapata –  Latin Dance instructor

Jonathan Zapata – Salsa and Ballroom Dance Instructor

Welcome to Zapata Entertainment! Boston based dance and entertainment company Zapata Entertainment is a private group looking to expand the Latin culture to people around the New England area. Our goal is bring awareness and appreciation of the culture, dance, music, and fun that Latin Cultures around the world share every day. With this in mind you will see immediate results with our two main goals here at Zapata Entertainment. Goal 1: Create a Warm and Welcoming Latin Dance Community. Goal 2: Prepare our community to be prepared to go out and dance with the Latin Dance Scene around Boston and anywhere in the world!

At Zapata Entertainment, we specialize in helping our students reach their dance goals and to make a positive difference in their lives, whether they are wedding couples, social dancers or people just wanting to try something new and exciting. We do this through our Zapata Entertainment Dance System to create the most effective and personalized dance lessons just for your dance and fitness needs. Within 5 dance lessons, our instructors can help you grow from an inexperienced student, to being able to feel comfortable on the dance floor in any partnered dances.

Through our flexible package deals, Zapata Entertainment offers the same quality dance lessons as the top studios in the Boston area for a more affordable price to give our students a realistic opportunity to reach the quality of dance that they desire.

We thank you for your time, and we hope to help you in your dance quest soon.